Food Storage & Prevention of Infestation

The Food Storage and Prevention of Infestation Division (FSPID) has the mission of ensuring the safety and wholesomeness of food/feed entering commerce in Jamaica.  The objective of FSPID is:

  • to carry out disinfestation activities in order to reduce the loss of food in storage;
  • to ensure that food entering commerce is not contaminated (eg. with insects, rodent filth, biological and chemical toxins); and
  • to train persons dealing with food in correct storage practices, in pest and pesticide management, and in the general requirements of the Food Storage Act.

The Division serves mainly exporters, importers, farmers, establishments dealing with food and feed, the pest control industry and consumers. Its functions are to prevent the contamination of food/feed, ensure the safety and effective use of pesticides and transfer of information on storage technology and integrated pest management.

The activities performed included surveillance and regulatory inspections, disinfestation operations, rodent control, sample testing, research, training, licensing and certification of pest control operations and transfer of food storage and pest management technologies.

  • Last modified: June 19, 2009