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Companies Office of Jamaica

The Companies Office of Jamaica (COJ) is an executive agency in charge of the administration of the Companies Act (2004), the Registration of Business Names Act (1963), and the Security Interests in Personal Property Act (SIPP) of 2013. The agency is responsible for the registration and regulation of companies and business names, as well as, the provision of related services.

The COJ has four main roles - to register and regulate companies and businesses, maintaining accurate and up-to-date records on commercial entities and administer the National Security Interests in Personal Property Online Registry. 
Through its website the public can check a company’s or business’ current:

  • Legal status
  • Statutory compliance
  • Ownership

The COJ registers local and overseas companies and individuals and firms carrying on business in Jamaica. It actively encourages voluntary compliance of companies and businesses with the Companies Act of 2004, the Companies (Amendment Act) 2013, the Registration of Business Names Act of 1934. Where necessary, the COJ initiates court action against delinquent clients to ensure compliance with all provisions of the law. It also removes entities which have been wound up and those which the Registrar has reason to believe are not in operation.

The office hours are Monday to Wednesday 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., and Thursday to Friday 8:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. 


The Ministry

Welcome to the official website of the Ministry of Industry, Investment and Commerce.

As the "business" Ministry, we are the key driver and thought leader for facilitating investments in the economy and preparing local businesses and entreprenuers to take advantage of Jamaica's entry into the global supply chain.

We have, therefore, placed much energy and enthusiam into the development of this website to provide timely information on the Ministry, our agencies and programmes.


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