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Emerging Industries

These industries represent new and exciting opportunities for Jamaica’s development

Emerging Industries are defined as these are sectors, typically based on new products, services, technologies or ideas, which are in early stage development and are characterized by high-growth rates and significant market potential. The Ministry of Industry, Investment and Commerce is committed to the support of emerging industries and, has therefore placed special emphasis on nurturing their development.

The current areas of focus include:

  • International Financial Services:The Jamaican government is committed to establishing the economy as a globally competitive destination for international companies offering financial services.  In so doing, it is aimed at transforming the country into an offshore financial hub. Direct employment prospects for the long term could be as high as 15,000 local professionals, with potential estimated revenues to the Government being as high as US$300 million per annum.
  • Medical Cannabis and Hemp: Based on the amendments to the Dangerous Drugs Act, Jamaica is poised for development of the medical cannabis and hemp industries. The regulatory framework for these new industries is currently being developed.
  • Bamboo: This industry presents immense opportunities for the commercialization of bamboo and its by-products.  The Ministry of Industry, Investment and Commerce is currently developing a framework to support & facilitate the organization, growth and development of this lucrative industry.
  • Creative Industries: The creative industries sector present lucrative opportunities for us to share our culture with the world, whilst obtaining an income. Our initiatives to support the improved monetization of this sector include: the Jamaica Film Festival, efforts to develop a Film Fund and strengthening the intellectualproperty regime to facilitate increased access to capital by the sector.



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Work Far Advanced On Policy for Bamboo Industry

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