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Jamaica Intellectual Property Office

The Jamaica Intellectual and Property Office (JIPO) is the primary agency with responsibility for matters relating to intellectual property rights in Jamaica. It has the critical mandate to establish and administer a modern and effective intellectual property system, which is to be a catalyst for international competitiveness, facilitating economic growth, and national development.

The main activities of the agency include the administration of the following intellectual property systems in Jamaica:

  • Copyright and Related Rights
  • Trade Marks
  • Geographical Indications
  • Industrial Designs
  • Patents
  • Layout-Designs (Topographies)
  • New Plant Varieties.
  • Traditional Knowledge and Cultural Expressions

The office has also formed national and international partnerships, instituted sensitization campaigns and facilitated opportunities for people within IP dependent industries such as animation, film, ICT and software applications, to register their intellectual property rights.

This, in a bid to create a robust ecosystem for intellectual property in Jamaica  which will be seen by investors as a choice investment option in high-grossing industries, that will facilitate the growth of local industries enabling all Jamaicans to benefit from the three critical areas that are necessary for a strong IP environment: Protection, sharing/income generation and Enforcement.

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