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Jamaica National Agency for Accreditation (JANAAC)

The Jamaica National Agency for Accreditation (JANAAC) is the national accreditation body of Jamaica. It provides accreditation services to Conformity Assessment Bodies (CABs) which are constituted of Laboratories Inspection Bodies and Certification Bodies. JANAAC is an Agency of the Ministry of IndustryInvestment and Commerce and the only internationally recognized accreditation body in the English-speaking Caribbean.

Since its establishment in 2008, the Agency has been carrying out its mandate of facilitating trade between Jamaica and its trading partners by enabling Jamaica’s Conformity Assessment System to meet international standards and the World Trade Organisation’s (WTO’s) Agreement on Technical Barriers to Trade. To accomplish its role of facilitation JANAAC has joined over 70 countries across the world as a signatory to the International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation (ILAC) Mutual Recognition Arrangement which enables the acceptance of goods and services across national barriers. JANAAC continues to strengthen its regional and international partnerships with membership in a number of the most highly respected accreditation organisations.

JANAAC provides training to personnel involved in the accreditation of CABs.  These include Assessors, CAB Staff, Quality Managers and Internal Auditors.  The Agency facilitates the sharing of technical information on accreditation with stakeholders. JANAAC carries out its daily operations with a staff compliment of sixteen employees.

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