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Jamaica's Business Performance Report

Logistics Performance Index

The Logistics Performance Index was developed by the World Bank to measure the performance of countries in trade logistics, specifically, the time, cost and reliability to transport goods using air, sea and rail transport.

In the latest LPI ranking, Jamaica has moved from 124th out of 155 countries, to 70 out of 160 countries in the space of two years. This improved ranking places Jamaica at third in the Caribbean region and 7th in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Doing Business Report

The Doing Business Report is a yearly report, published by the World Bank, to measure business regulation, business reforms and their enforcement. The report pays special attention to regulations that will impact to domestic small and medium-size companies.

In the 2016 Doing Business Report, Jamaica was named among the 10 most improved economies for doing business in the world. The country's ranking moved from 71st to 64th in the world, placing Jamaica as first in the Caribbean in respect of the ease of doing business, and sixth in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Global Competitiveness Report

The Global Competitiveness Report is a yearly report published by the World Economic Forum to assess the competitiveness of economies worldwide, providing insight into the drivers of their productivity and prosperity. 

In the 2015-2016 GCC report, Jamaica maintained its overall competitiveness but improved its performance on procedures to starting a business, ranking third globally and 8th in the legal rights index.

Other Reports

  • Jamaica is ranked as having the best FDI strategy in the Caribbean and Central America by the prestigious Financial Times’ fDi Magazine.
  • Jamaica ranked as the Best Country for Business in the Caribbean by the prestigious Forbes Magazine.

The Ministry

Welcome to the official website of the Ministry of Industry, Investment and Commerce.

As the "business" Ministry, we are the key driver and thought leader for facilitating investments in the economy and preparing local businesses and entreprenuers to take advantage of Jamaica's entry into the global supply chain.

We have, therefore, placed much energy and enthusiam into the development of this website to provide timely information on the Ministry, our agencies and programmes.


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