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Businessman Says Greater Collaboration Needed to Capitalise on Foreign Opportunities

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February 2023

Managing Director of the Kinetic Group, Keon Hinds, addresses a JIS ‘Think Tank’, on Wednesday, February 8.

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 13 Feb 2023    admin   

<p>Greater collaboration among local businesses is required to capitalise on export and investment opportunities in other countries, argues Managing Director of the Kinetic Group, Keon Hinds.</p>

<p>Addressing a Jamaica Information Service (JIS) ‘Think Tank’ on February 8, Mr. Hinds said this became a reality after his participation in the second trade mission to Guyana, led by Minister of Industry, Investment and Commerce, Senator the Hon. Aubyn Hill.</p>

<p>“Senator Hill spoke about collaboration earlier and… when we got to Guyana, one of the persons that we met with said he needed [architectural] designs, engineering and construction to be done, but he was not going to hire three companies,” Mr. Hinds explained.</p>

<p>This resulted in three companies from Jamaica making arrangements to join together to collaborate on this particular project.</p>

<p>“We are putting together some profiles now to do a joint venture that we will be sending to the developer in Guyana. This will be done in aim of getting the business, because as the developer stated, he will not be speaking to three different persons. He needs one person or one entity that he’ll be giving all of this work to,” the Managing Director said.</p>

<p>He pointed out that coming out of the trade mission, one of the positive things to note is that “we as locals have to start working together, not just when we’re going to Guyana, but… if we are to grow our businesses and the country”.</p>

<p>Meanwhile, President and Founder of ResolveIT, Almando Cox, who also participated in the trade mission, is encouraging local entrepreneurs to pay close attention to Guyana, as there are many opportunities from which they can benefit.</p>

<p>“If you are serious about business and you are interested in expansion or have a growth plan in place, you must pay attention to Guyana. This is an area or a market that has the resources and interest and is inviting us to come on board. We have the talent and resources, so we must pay attention to Guyana,” Mr. Cox said.<br />
Apart from the need for collaboration that came out of the trade mission, several businesses were able to secure individual contracts.</p>

<p>Businesses within the construction and technology industries, in particular, will soon supply Guyana with much needed building materials and technological support.</p>

<p>The trade mission, with a total of 73 delegates across 42 local companies, facilitated the strengthening of previously established partnerships with Guyanese businesses, coming out of the first trade mission to the country in October 2022.</p>

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