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The focus of the Commerce Unit is on policy development and monitoring in key areas of commerce.

This Unit has responsibility for the overarching policy framework that governs how business and trade activities  are conducted within Jamaica. While this suggests an all-embracing approach by the Ministry to commercial development, there are in fact, key policy nodes within the Ministry's mandate which give a sharper definition to the work of the Division.
The Unit maintains close collaboration with the private sector in areas related to import policy, commerce and the distributive trade. It is headed by a Director of Commerce and consists of two sub units:  the Commodities Unit and the Monitoring and Regulations Unit.

Key policy areas for Commerce include:

  • Regulation of fair trade on the domestic market
  • Development of World Trade Organization - compatible trade remedies in the event of unfair or injurious levels of imports
  • Company and Business registration 
  • Import and export licensing 
  • Standards development and regulation 
  • Consumer protection 
  • Application of provisions under the CARICOM Treaty that govern intra-regional trade.
  • Management and monitoring the supply of sensitive commodities

Our Portfolio Liaisons

The Commerce Division liaises with agencies and departments under the commerce portfolio and addresses matters relevant to standards development, import monitoring, fair trade and consumer protection. The Division works closely with:


PDF icon National Quality Policy Final April 4, 2019
Document Category: Policies
Date Published: 10 Nov 2021
PDF icon Trade Board - List of Documents Requiring Import Licences
Document Category: Policies
Date Published: 16 Mar 2016
PDF icon Motor Vehicle Policy 2004
Document Category: Policies
Date Published: 02 Nov 2015
PDF icon Revised Motor Vehicle Policy- 2014
Document Category: Policies
Date Published: 30 Oct 2015


PDF icon Safeguard Mechanism Form
Document Category: Forms
Date Published: 02 Nov 2015
PDF icon Suspension Form
Document Category: Forms
Date Published: 22 Oct 2015

The Ministry

Welcome to the official website of the Ministry of Industry, Investment and Commerce.

The Ministry of Industry, Investment and Commerce is described as Jamaica's "Business Ministry." It's mandate is to lead the development of policies that will create growth and jobs, while achieving social inclusion and consumer protection. The Ministry, working its stakeholders is primarily responsible for business policy development, monitoring and evaluation, while giving direction and oversight to a cluster of implementing departments and agencies.

We have, therefore, placed much energy and enthusiasm into the development of this website to provide timely information on the Ministry, our agencies and programmes.


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