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JAMPRO Hosts Virtual Investment Conference Nov. 17-18

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November 2021

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 16 Nov 2021    admin   

The upcoming virtual investment conference, ‘Explore: Do Business Jamaica’, to be hosted by Jamaica Promotions Corporation (JAMPRO), is an integral part of the drive to speed up the country’s economic recovery.

Slated for Wednesday, November 17 and  Thursday, November 18, the conference aims to promote Jamaica’s growing sectors, investment opportunities and the island’s positive business environment.

Addressing a JIS ‘Think Tank’, today (November 10), Vice President of Marketing at JAMPRO, Gabriel Heron, said that although Jamaica is renowned for its culture, the focus now is on stimulating global interest in business.

“Now as we move forward, I want us to think about how the digital transformation space and the global pandemic have interacted and caused business and commerce to transition their activities. This has resulted in where we are now, with a virtual investment conference. In other words, those activities have really pushed us towards this type of engagement, where JAMPRO has made a strategic decision to globally engage investors as well as potential investors, stakeholders and business partners,” he said.

The conference will be multifaceted, featuring live and pre-recorded video and print content that will cover business projects, opportunities and new developments.

Mr. Heron also said the conference will focus on activities and potential opportunities within a wide range of sectors.

“Agribusiness, Energy, infrastructure, logistics, tourism, cannabis manufacturing and, of course, the creative industries will be the areas of focus for the conference. It will also entail over 30 sessions, discussions, panel discussions, success stories and investor pitches. We are aiming to allow investors, potential participants and attendees to have an immersive and engaging virtual experience,” he noted.

The conference will also foster business and stakeholder relationships and will shed light on Jamaica’s COVID-19 economic recovery efforts.

Meanwhile, Participants can look forward to a special ‘Jamaica Experience’ segment.

“There’s a portion within the virtual platform that actually engages the cultural aspect of Jamaica, called ‘The Jamaica Experience’. The idea is to not only show Jamaica as a premier investment destination but also for the platform and the event to be a wholesome experience of what Jamaica has to offer. Attendees will be able to watch films that focus on Jamaican culture. Our partners, Appleton and Grace, will deliver culturally immersive videos that will show the international audience a certain side of Jamaica,” Mr. Heron said.

The conference is being staged with support from the National Commercial Bank, Jamaica Foundation for Competitiveness and Growth Project and the Ministry of Industry, Investment and Commerce.

The conference will be staged via two platforms; one is a virtual interactive business event portal, which will facilitate a real-time engagement experience and business-to-business meetings; and the second will be a live-stream event via social media, to accommodate increased awareness of Jamaica’s economic progress.

Persons can register for the conference by visiting

Source: JIS

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